March 18, 2021


Modern clinic of children's evidence-based medicine. The clinic itself has existed for 2 years, but the doctors have much more experience. The project included the development of a web portal both for calling a doctor at home and for the informative part.

Formulation of the task

The basis was the creation of a promo-website for a medical center. Also, our specialists worked out an internal SEO strategy for self-promotion of the website by certain keywords.


Since the clinic already had a design and logo, the specialists completed the tasks of writing texts, creating internal and external SEO, and also organized a convenient interface to work with the website and orders - all incoming applications could be received directly on a smartphone.
41 - Hours of work of a SEO specialist
24 - Hours of writing texts
57 - Hours of page layout
11 - Days of fruitful work


Within 1.5 months, the clinic was able to recoup the cost of developing the website. There was a high local awareness of the brand, which in turn brought high performance indicators.
30% - increase in target audience
20% - cheaper lidogenation
174% - increase in ROI

From The Client

Mirum est notare quam littera gothica, quam nunc putamus parum claram, anteposuerit litterarum formas humanitatis per seacula quarta decima et quinta decima. Claritas est etiam processus dynamicus, qui mutationem consuetudium.
Julia Shapoval
CEO, chief doctor, pediatrician
Online store MedCBD
Service electrician
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