Email marketing

The Best Email Marketing Strategy

E-mail marketing is advertising through the mailing list. In principle, this is one of the main areas of digital media promotion, which not only allows you to increase brand awareness, but also attract customers.

Why is it worth using e-mail newsletters?

In fact, this is indirect communication with already potential customers - and most customers like to be remembered.
Also, there are positive factors under which the credibility of your business is growing:
  • High ROI: for every dollar spent, E-mail marketing can return up to $62

  • High efficiency: Email marketing is sometimes 20 times more effective than Twitter and Facebook

  • Helps SEO promotion: creating content encourages the recipient of the letter to visit your website - the traffic on the website increases accordingly.

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Who is email marketing for?

With a well-constructed strategy, it can be applied to:

  • Those who want to increase brand awareness - since mailing is a way to remind about yourself. Of course, the more often the client sees your company, the higher the likelihood that the client will choose you. It is important to maintain balance though.

  • Those who want to increase sales is the main goal of a marketing expert. Sales, promotions, personal offers - all this will increase the sales rate.

  • Companies that want to shorten the buying cycle: If you are selling complex services or products, your potential clients often take a long time to make purchasing decisions. Newsletter will solve this problem.

  • For companies that are ready to automate routine tasks: transactional newsletters can help. They will automatically be sent to the actions of your customers. These include: registration confirmation emails, shopping cart filled emails, order confirmation emails, reactivation emails.

Stages of Email Marketing

Marketing Strategy
Choosing a newsletter service - our specialists already know many services that fit a particular market niche for different purposes.
Marketing Campaigns
Creation of an E-mail campaign - drawing up a plan, writing texts for letters that will be sent, analyze the number of mailings so as not to attack customers with letters.
Template Design
Collecting a mailing list - the quality of the list directly influences the quality of the newsletter and sales from it.
Tracking & Reporting
Analysis of the effectiveness of newsletters - as a rule, professional mailing platforms allow you to see the result immediately after sending emails. The number of views, clicks, transitions, unsubscribes, email open map - all this can be analyzed and further, if necessary, change the newsletter campaign.