Optimization of the internal processes of the website entails a potentially good position in the top of search engines. Thanks to the setting and optimization of all internal systems, the website loading speed increases at low Internet speeds and traffic consumption drops significantly.

The size of photos, videos, audio and other content is being reduced.

Stages of internal SEO work

Website Structure Development
What is a website structure?
Why do you need the structure?
Benefit for the company
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Meta Tags
What are meta tags?
What are meta tags for?
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Semantic Core
What is a semantic core?
Why collect the semantic core?
Description and headings
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What is "interlinking"?
What is "interlinking" for?
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Website Structure Development

What is a website structure?

Simply put, this is a scheme of how a website is built. Imagine a house architect who draws a sketch of the future house with all the rooms, bathrooms, doors and windows. A website requires exactly the same planning.

To some extent, creating a website structure is the foundation for developing your online business.

Why do you need a website structure?

User benefit: Proper website construction provides an important convenience to users. This, in turn, speaks of the logical and correct organization of the company.

Company credibility indicators

Logical structure of the website 40 %
Convenient arrangement of elements 23 %
Readability by "search robots" 37 %

Benefit for the company:

Distribution of links on pages.
This method shows how organic and correct the website is.

So the website structure is a tree-like scheme in which all pages are located in the correct and logical order, which allows you to make your web resource more functional.

Compilation of the semantic core

Our Experts on Semantics

Properly configured SEO already implies systemic self-promotion, which in turn allows you to reduce advertising budgets and costs.
Dmitrij Pylypenko
Dmitrij Pylypenko
SEO expert

About complicated in a simple way

Development of meta tags

Main Purpose of Meta Tags
The main task is to influence the way pages are displayed in the index. Also, when evaluated by search engines, meta tags are taken into account when indexing.
Awesome Team
A team of professionals, analyzing the entire niche and all competitors in the market, provides the most optimal and promising meta tags for to your website.

Interlinking setup

Internal linking is linking between pages of the same resource using hyperlinks.
There are 2 main tasks of hyperlinks on a website:
  • The first is a simple and logical navigation of the user around the website. The website conversion is increased due to comfortable viewing and navigation of the visitor through the pages.

  • The second is the assignment of "link juice" to the main pages of the website on which contact is being made with the client. Thanks to the solution of such a problem, the promotion and raising of the resource in search engines increases significantly!


It should be borne in mind that when setting up interlinking on your own, you may encounter many problems that are unknown to the average user. Such problems will prevent you from achieving expected results.

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