Search engines have algorithms for determining the place in the website search and its keywords. Algorithms evaluate a variety of metrics and factors that are unknown to the average Internet user, but they help the system build the order of websites in the search results.

The relevance of a website is set depending on the key request to the content of the page. The content itself is determined by indexing the website by a search engine.

External SEO factors include:

  • External links leading from other websites to your website - so, by link building, you increase the number of sources that link to your source.

  • Number of social media interactions

  • Mentions of your website on other websites.

However, website promotion and optimization are key factors:

Credibility And Its Growth In Search Engines
SEO optimization is impossible without the right link building strategy, since the position of the website depends on its credibility. Today, credibility in the network, as in everyday life, is a sign of reliability. On the Internet, it is calculated by the number of external links: the more there are, the higher the website's rating.
Increase conversions and target audience
We already know that the number of links on external resources leads to more clicks and traffic. When your link is placed on high-quality sources, while also being useful to the user, there is a chance to generate from tens to thousands of direct visits per month.

Ways of external SEO:

Content Marketing
Content marketing is publications on thematic resources. Basically, these backlinks are the most significant and important, but at the same time a lot of time is spent on quality content.
Registration in Directories
Such websites are visited by interested people, and they, in turn, can be potential clients.
Crowd Marketing
Forum and website activity with reviews. First, positive feedback = customer trust. Secondly, it makes the link mass more diverse.
Social media
Activity on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok not only testifies to the company's customer focus and interaction with the audience, but also has a positive effect on Google rankings.
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